Leaked Screenshot Points Towards a New Prince of Persia Game

Price of Persia series might have got stale, but I am quite confident that a huge fan-base will sill be excited if they hear that a new game in series is in plans. A screetshot has made its way online, and it’s being claimed that the image is from the brand new Prince of Persia game by Ubisoft. Good news, right?

How do we know that it’s a Prince of Persia game? Well, if you see the text in the image, you will read POP_Zero_2 written at the bottom which seems like to be coded text for Prince of Persia Zero 2. The guy standing on the platform may well be the protagonist, but right now, nothing can be said for sure.

The image does seem to resemble the environment present in Assassin’s Creed games which to be honest, isn’t surprising considering the hype of the AC series. However, the image may well be a fake one, crafted to remind the publisher that some fans are still hoping for a new game.

Are you among the fans who want to have a new Prince of Persia game or Assassin’s Creed has filled the void for you?