League Of Legends Championship Series Announced

Riot Games has been working hard to promote their game League of Legends to all known corners of this earth. The game has seen to a huge boost in competitive play over the past year. The game already has taken over StarCraft II in Korea as the most played competitive game.

With all of that behind them Riot Games has taken yet another step forward in esports. Season 3 next year in 2013 will feature a new League of Legends Championship Series.

The league will mainly feature the top cream of the player base fighting it out for regular heaps of prizes. We’re talking the top teams from North America, Europe and Asia; all coming on to one platform trying for a multi-million dollar prize pool. All of their matches will be streamed in high quality for fans.

For now Riot has only released a short video trailer announcing the series. The main details are yet to be revealed.