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Diablo 3 Player Rakes In $10,000 From Auction House Sales

Diablo 3 Wizard
This Diablo 3 player will have no problems paying his monthly utility bills for some time now; thanks to the game’s real-money auction house.

WishboneTheDog claims that he has raked in around $10,000 from the real-money auction house. Naturally he was met with plenty of skepticism so he decided to post this image online and even the transaction history of his personal paypal account.

Later on the Diablo 3 player also started his very own AMA on reddit where he discussed the state of Diablo 3’s economy. WishboneTheDog stated that the economy is rapidly going down hill and things don’t look good for the future of online marketplaces in games.

He also mentioned that the prime reason for the decline in the game’s economy is largely due to the fact that Diablo 3 players stop playing once they have completed the game. However, he believes this might be rectified once support for the game’s PvP roles in.