A New BlazBlue Game to Hit Japanese Arcades This Winter

Developer Arcs System Works has revealed a new BlazBlue game which is meant to hit Arcades in Japan at the begnning of this winter. The sequel titled as “Chrono Phantasma” will feature three new characters: Amane Nishiki, Bullet and Azrael.

Amane will use her ribbon-like robes to attack while Bullet will rely on his firepower to damage the opponent. Azrael, the brute will use his immense strength to get the upper hand in the duel. The characters have been demonstrated in the video below.

The game will also feature new backgrounds, sound tracks and some new moves for the old characters so that the gameplay experience does not get dull and boring. Hey Arcade, in Akihabara will be a test location for Chrono Phantasma from August 6 to 12. So, if you happen to be nearby, you can head over to the spot and get your hands dirty with this new exciting arcade title.

Source: Andriasang