Dota 2 Enchantress Guide – Builds, Abilities, Items and Strategy

Enchantress is a ranged intelligence hero who largely functions as an aggressive jungler. In fact, she’s so singular in her niche, that shes actually quite a gamble to play.

Her impact on the early game is so profound, and if you and your team rides it to an early victory, than she pays off. However, she doesn’t scale that well. So, the longer the game goes on, the less effective she is. Enchantress also has a very interesting play style predicated upon the fact that she only functions when your team is winning.

If your team can hold the line between you and the enemy, she can pump out a lot of item independent damage. If the other team is running for their lives, while your team gives chase, she becomes an absolute monster.

Because of this mechanic, her gold that she obtains from her great early game, is used to support the team. If you want a support character that requires finesse, then Enchantress is for you.

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Enchantress Abilities


  • Targets: Enemy Units
  • Effects: Slows the attack speed of attackers by  20/40/60/80% for 3 seconds
  • Cost: None

A crazy good passive that makes Enchantress an undesirable target to many auto attack reliant characters.


  • Targets: Enemy Units
  • Effects: Possesses a creep for 80 seconds, if cast on a hero, slows for  20/30/40/50%
  • Duration of slow: 5.5 seconds
  • Range: 700
  • Cooldown: 30/25/20/15
  • Cost: 65

This ability gives Enchantress most of her power early game. Being able to take control of neutral creeps gives you access to a plethora of extra abilities to use against heroes, and an expendable meat wall that tanks neutral creeps for you. With the same exact skill, you can slow enemy heroes. That’s a lot of power for one skill point allocation.

Nature’s Attendants

  • Targets: Allied Units, Self
  • Effects: Releases 3/5/7/9 healing wisps that heal for 10 health per second each
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • AoE: 275
  • Mana: 125/140/155/170
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds

An incredibly powerful heal over time, that follows your position healing those near you.


  • Targets: Enemy Units
  • Damage: Deals 15/20/25% of the distance the projectile travels, as pure damage, capped at 375/500/625 damage
  • Range: 550 (715)
  • Mana: 55/60/65

Impetus allows you to manipulate the distance between you and your target in a really fun way – with damage! Because this spell calculates the damage based on where the projectile lands, and not where it was fired, you can run away from your target, to create big damage.

Once you get a good feel for this ability, you can throw an Impetus at someone and then walk in the opposite direction with your back turned to them, singing the song, “Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions,” while you score a killing blow on someone off in the fog of war. Purchasing an Aghanimn’s Scepter improves Enchantresses attack range from 550, to 715.

Enchantress Builds

  1. Enchant
  2. Nature’s Attendants
  3. Nature’s Attendants
  4. Enchant
  5. Nature’s Attendants
  6. Impetus
  7. Nature’s Attendants (maxed)
  8. Untouchable
  9. Untouchable
  10. Untouchable
  11. Impetus
  12. Untouchable (maxed)
  13. Enchant
  14. Enchant (maxed)
  15. Stats
  16. Impetus

This is my preferred build that I’ve become comfortable with over many, many games as Enchantress. There’s no logical reason to take two points in Enchant, it’s just that, I can’t tell you how many kills I’ve missed, because I didn’t have that second point in Enchant.

That spell being up 5 seconds quicker, and slowing by an additional 10% have made so much of a difference over countless games, that I implore you to just trust me on this one Also, Untouchable doesn’t really start to get good, until you have a few points in it.

So I like to start leveling it after I’ve maxed Nature’s Attendants, so that all my points start to allocate into it, to quickly make it powerful right around the time that it can be powerful.

Enchantress Items

Starting: Courier, and or Wards, fill remaining inventory slots with Iron Branches

Early: Arcane Boots, Magic Stick

Core: Mekansm

Situational: Pipe of Insight, Force Staff, Aghanimn’s Scepter, Wards, Flying Courier, Bracers, Urn of Shadows, Scythe of Vyse

Because she is so dependent on her team doing well, it’s best to load up on support items, when playing as Enchantress. Pipe of Insight is for when your team is taking a lot of AoE magic damage, while Urn of Shadows is an item you should pick up when you’re getting a lot of kills/assists.

Force Staff is always amazing, but is something you get when nothing else is absolutely necessary. Aghanimn’s Scepter is normally reserved for when you’re dominating, as it provides a lot of survive-ability, and pseudo survive-ability in the form of increased attack range.

Gameplay Strategy

Early game, as I’ve said before, is where Enchantress excels. You’ll start off by Enchanting the hardest creep camp you can find. While you and your creep clear camps, always be looking for potential kills.

You will almost always be able to ensure a kill, if you get lucky and Enchant two creeps that are capable of disabling. My favorite is the Dark Troll that casts Ensnare, and the Centaur who casts War Stomp. When you see a potential gank, ping the hero you want to go for and try to flank them.

If you anticipate a few disables to the face, prime your Nature’s Attendants right before the battle begins. Enchantress has only one goal early game: Gank –  everyone.

If someone hasn’t been ganked, gank ’em. Enchantress is a fairly strong counter jungler, so the map is your domain. Feel free to go where you please, as you please in the limited time that you have.

When mid game arrives, Enchantress shifts roles and becomes more of a pusher. She needs to always be around her teammates at this stage of the game.

Try pushing, and pushing often, in order to achieve that early win. If you can force team fights early on in the game, you’ll crush the opposing team, with your super quick Mekansm that you got from ganking.

During team fights, Enchantress plays the role of medic. She throws an Impetus, runs to a nearby ally who needs some healing, activates Nature’s Attendants and/or Mekansm, and then goes back to casting her ultimate.

Try to stay out of range of enemies, but in range to heal allies. Impetus does cost a lot of mana, so I don’t advise having it on auto cast.

Manually casting it, allows you to instantly animation cancel the attack. This is called Orb Walking and it allows you to keep up with running targets, while still damaging them with your ultimate.

Closing Comments – Enchantress is a very difficult hero to play. She has incredibly low strength, and strength gain. Yet, you have to split your cognitive capabilities between not only Enchantress, the creeps you’re microing, but also the status of your allies in team fights.

Playing her requires a finesse that is refined over time. Her incredibly active gameplay makes most other support heroes seem boring in comparison. With a little dedication and practice, you’ll find yourself incapable of going back to playing other support characters.