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Mists of Pandaria: Quick Guide To Dungeon Bosses

Mists of Pandaria is going to be released soon and with that comes it’s many dungeons.

One thing that most players probably hate about doing dungeons with a random squad is probably that ‘one’ guy who goes ahead and pulls all the NPCs (boss included) towards you.

You would be writing as fast as you could, informing your squad mates about how to bring this boss done. However, that ‘one’ guy will always be there who is going to shout LEEROY JENKINS!! and goes right in… dying a few seconds later and taking you along with him as well.

The following is a quick guide as to what you need to do against the dungeon bosses. These do not cover every stage and aspect of the boss fight, just enough to give your team an idea of what to do.

Stormstout Brewery (levels 85 to 90)

Ook Ook

  • Jump on the barrels by clicking on them or dodge them completely.
  • Run away when he begins to do his Ground Pound ability (AOE).
  • Use a survival cooldown when he Goes Bananas.


  • Avoid his Carrot Breath and whirlwind (Furlwind).
  • Click on the hammers and then use it to kill minions.

Yan/Zhu the Uncasked

  • Keep one player close to him.
  • Jump to avoid the suds walls.
  • Click the bubbles to escape the floor.
  • Run away from the group with Bloat.
  • Kill the Bubble Shield
  • Intercept add beams and kill the additional targets.

Temple of the Jade Serpent (levels 85 to 90)

Wise Mari

  • Keep away from the water, including puddles dropped by dead elementals.
  • Run ahead of the rotating water blast; don’t soak it.

Lorewalker Stonestep

  • Damage either Strife or Peril until it has un-healable stacks of Intensity. Switch to the next after that.
  • Kill Suns, Tank Shas, heal through Zao’s random damage.

Liu Flameheart

  • Keep away from the flames and green circles on the floor.
  • Tank should be in the middle.
  • Dispel the fire dot on players as quickly as you can.

Sha of Doubt Dispel

  • Take out the additional targets as quickly as you can since they heal the boss.

Mogu’shan Palace (levels 87 to 90)

Trial of the King

  • Nuke the lion and kill it as fast as possible.
  • Escape the magnetic field and avoid whirlwinds.
  • Watch out for Conflagrate casts and get target away from group or group away from target.
  • Share Meteor damage.


  • Blow all your cool downs on the additional targets until they get Reckless Inspiration and are immune.
  • Keep interrupting the Oracle’s Cleansing Flame.
  • Gekkan takes more damage when his minions die.
  • Gekkan’s death doesn’t kill his summoned targets.

Xin the Weaponmaster

  • Locate a lion’s head on the wall and stand opposite it to avoid daggers.
  • Run out of cone effects and rings of fire.
  • Avoid whirlwinds.
  • Blow survival cooldowns if he gets to use Crossbow Trap.

Shado-Pan Monastery (levels 87 to 90)

Gu Cloudstrike

  • Keep away from the lightning.
  • Turn the dragon away from the group.
  • On Magnetic Shroud, stack up and spam big heals onto one player.

Master Snowdrift

  • Get behind him during Fists of Fury.
  • Run away from Tornado Kick.
  • Dodge the flying bolts.

The Sha of Violence

  • Dispel disorient.
  • Keep away from the whirling smokes.
  • Move away from light puddles.
  • Adds only live for 30 seconds.
  • He enrages at 30% health; use healing/survival cooldowns if needed.

Taran Zhu

  • Use Meditate early and often when the fight’s going well to empty your Hate bar.
  • Ranged DPSers, kill Gripping Hatreds ASAP.
  • Avoid whirling shadowbolts; use a survival cooldown if you get knocked into them.

Don’t forget to share own tips with us in the comments below!