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FIFA 13 iOS to Have Competitive Online Multiplayer

EA’s FIFA is quite a famous platform, not only on dedicated gaming platforms but on mobile phones as well. Like the last year, FIFA 13 will also be released on iOS but this time; fans will have something special to cheer about.

FIFA 12 was no less than amazing in solo-play and now, in FIFA 13, EA has decided to include competitive online multiplayer for the very first time. How about that? So now the game won’t feel dull after you beat the limited number of AI controlled teams repeatedly. You will be able to compete with your friends or other players in a balanced competitive environment.

Apart from its multiplayer feature, new controls will allow players to experience a more diverse game play. The skill move button will let you do feints, step overs and signature moves easily.

Players will now be able to call in the AI teammates to increase the defensive pressure. The new tactics system will allow you to change the aggression of the team without passing the game. These, and many other small features will be included in the game.