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World of Warcraft: 1.1 Million Subscribers Lost In 3 Months

Subscribers are dwindling in numbers for Blizzard’s flagship MMO title, World of Warcraft.

The past three months have seen to a loss of 1.1 million players, bringing the current number of subscribers to around 9.1 million. This number still isn’t that bad and in no way pushes World of Warcraft out of it’s position of being a top MMO title.

However, the people at Blizzard will be hoping that their upcoming expansion, Mists of Pandaria brings some of the lost glory back. World of Warcraft reached 12 million subscribers back in 2010. This was reduced to 10.2 million a year later in 2011 and finally 9.1 million as 2012 draws to an end.

But not all is bad. Where Blizzard lost a million subscribers from World of Warcraft, they covered it up with Diablo 3 selling over 10 million copies.

This was revealed at Activision Blizzard Q2 financial report which also reports Blizzard to have the best quarter ever from both a revenue and profit standpoint, thanks to Diablo 3 that is.

Clearly MMO’s aren’t having their luck this year and it’s yet to be see how long can other newly arrived MMO’s stay alive for. The Old Republic just went free to play in a last ditch effort to keep their subscribers.

Will this time affect Guild Wars 2? The game is expected to take on World of Warcraft head one. We’ll know for sure when it releases at the end of the month.