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Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 13 To Be Wii U Launch Titles

Wii U caters to a casual gaming audience, but that is about to change. At yesterday’s Summer Showcase, EA announced that Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 13 would be available on Wii U at its launch.

EA could have gotten away with porting Mass Effect 3 single-player on the new console and still could have racked up a lot of sales considering the appear of the Mass Effect franchise, but instead, they are going all out.

Not only, players will be able to re-live the blockbuster Hollywood style Mass Effect 3 single-player story on Wii U, but they will also be able to indulge themselves in its thrilling multiplayer. If it proves anything, that would be Nintendo’s claim that they aren’t far behind to compete in the online space.

Mass Effect 3 will also feature a Mass Effect 2 like mechanic on Wii U which will make it possible for the players to make few decisions at the start of the game about what happened in the previous games. This is to make sure Wii U fan base experience the same cohesive story-line while allowing players to make more widespread decisions.

It is a necessary evil since Mass Effect 3 is the first Mass Effect game on Nintendo Console, hence they aren’t any save files, making it perhaps the only option to tell the game about what happened in the previous Mass Effect games.

During the Summer Showcase event, EA also confirmed FIFA 13 has Wii U launch titles. It was already rumored to be on the platform with the release of the leaked screens yesterday, but now the publisher has confirmed its existence and has detailed different features it will support with the help of touch-screen Gamepad.

According to EA, FIFA 13 for Wii U will come with special perks and enhancements, enabling gamers to use touch-screen on the Gamepad to pass, slide, or shoot. FIFA 13 on Wii U will also feature a new Manager Hub, which will allow you to alter strategies on the fly with the help of the Gamepad.

We still don’t know the launch date for Wii U but we are getting close to the point when we hear something official from Nintendo.