Madden NFL 13 Kinect To Recognize Over 6000 Commands

This year EA Sports is planning to show the true powers of Kinect through their beloved title, Madden NFL 13.

Madden’s latest title on the Xbox 360 will feature mega support for Kinect’s voice recognition system. Victor Lugo, the designer responsible for implementing Kinect in this year’s Madden mentioned that it was just becoming too confusing to put out the many menu and move options on screen. Rather than have players scrambling across the UI, they thought it better to implement a simple and effect voice recognition system.

It can be confusing with the amount of options we put on the screen to navigate menus. We wanted to use very common language that people can understand to try to allow them to use these commands.

So what are we really looking at here? To start off imagine yourself running across the field with the opposition defense wall in sight. You can now simply look around, shout out the name of a player and tell him the action you want him to perform. This way it just makes it easier and faster to call out plays and direct the team.

However, not everything depends on voice commands. Advanced users will have the option of using a controller and use your voice to get that extra edge.

If you type your name in there you can just say your name. If you put all your custom audibles in you’ll be able to say them. All that adds up to the ability to add any play into the game and call out the name of any player, and that’s over 6,000 commands.

The latest NFL title will also be landing on the Wii U and will feature streamlined play-calling, pre-snap adjustments and personnel management – all directly from the innovative Wii U Gamepad touchscreen.

Madden NFL 13 will release on the Xbox 360 at the end of this month.