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Dishonoured Cast Revealed

Here’s a low down of the cast for Dishonored. Looks like Arkane has gone a long way in spending on celebrities to voice their game characters. I wonder if all this spending will prove wise in the end.

First up is Susan Sarandon who will be making her video game debut by joining Arkane’s team of voice actors for Dishonored. You might remember Susan from her work in Dead Man Walking and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In Dishonored she’ll be acting out Granny Rags who is mostly shown as an old mad lady.

Her co-workers on the game include Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue) who will be playing Piero the inventor; creator of the mark Corvo wears, John Slattery (Mad Men) who will be playing Admiral Havelock and Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dog) who will be the mysterious assassin Daud.

The young girl Emily will be played by Chloë Grace Moretz from the movie Kick Ass. Emily’s caretaker Calista will be played by Lena Headey from The Parole Officer.

Lastly Daniel Licht, the music composer for Dexter will be doing Dishonored’s music.

Dishonored is a stealth game being made by Bethesda owned studio Arkane.