Dead or Alive 5 Combo Footage Released

Developers from Team Ninja are hard at work in balancing combat in Dead or Alive 5 before it’s release next month.

Today they have released a video showcasing combo footage after their final tweaks. This video features Hitomi, Hayabusa, Christie, Bayman and La Mariposa.

Director Yohei Sihmbori gave his comments on the footage:

Some of the balance is still kind of iffy, but we tried our best. I was told we could only use characters that we’ve announced already, so this is it for now. Hayabusa has some non-combo stuff too. If you just watch combo videos, then you’ll notice a difference between characters that are good with combos and those that aren’t.

But DOA5 isn’t just about combos. It’s about the number of followups, types of followups, how safe you are after guard, how fast a move’s startup is, reach, OHs, specific holds, Criticals, hold damage, throw damage, and on and on. It’s about bringing those out in each character in a different way, and making each character unique.

You have to play to really understand this, though. I wish more people could get their hands on the game before launch, but at least we can put out these videos and a few lucky people can try the game out at special events.

Dead or Alive 5 will release on September 25, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.