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Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Gameplay Details Tank Superiority Game Mode

Here we are again. More details on another one of Battlefield 3’s expansion packs. While the details may be limited, they have me excited, all the same. Check out this short video to see some tank on tank action, for the new expansion, Armored Kill.

While the new game mode that was shown in the video is exciting, I’m most interested in the new tank that comes with Armored Kill.

It’s called the Tank Destroyer, and its a lightly armored tank, said to be around the armor values of an Anti Infantry Vehicle. In return for shedding some armor, it gains a massive boost in speed.

I can’t wait to run circles around enemy tanks, hitting them precisely in their vulnerable spots. Fret not, though. DICE has assured us that Tank Destroyers won’t lose any of their firepower, in order to obtain this new speed.

Armored Kill comes out in September, with Premium accounts getting it two weeks early.