FIFA 13 Won’t Be the Same With Wii U Gamepad Controls

Kinect has its own charm with its voice controls and now, Wii U will also make use of the touch screen of its game pad to make FIFA 13 unique on the platform. In the latest edition of the Official Magazine, Nintendo listed what the game pad can do exclusively for you in FIFA 13.

You can touch the pad for tackle or to mark the opposition players. Touching the game pad’s screen can pass the ball to the teammates in a particular direction, and on shaking the game pad or pressing the left analogue stick, you will be able to shoot at the goal. You can also touch the game pad’s screen to decide which corner of the goal you want to shoot at. The feature is similar to the one present in Vita for FIFA 12.

For the free kicks, players will be able to set the direction and altitude of the shot by moving the game pad in different directions. Cool, right?

Source: Fifa Play