Resident Evil 6 Features Ada Wong as Playable Character and Agent Hunt Mode

Ada Wong was announced as a playable character, with her own story line, by Capcom at a recent press event in Japan. However, you’ll have to unlock her, by beating the game with Chris, Leon and Jake.

Ada’s story line will involve a hefty amount of puzzle solving and will not support co-op play, despite featuring AI controlled characters like Leon. Ada will also not support the new mode, Agent Hunt, which was also recently announced.

Agent Hunt allows you to take control of creatures, and join other players’ games online, to try and kill them. Voice chat will work, but creature-controlled players will only be able to communicate with other creature-controlled players.

If the idea of being attacked by tactical teams of zombies is too much for you to handle, you can turn this option off, and your single player experience will not be invaded by other players.

In this video, you can see Ada crossbowing zombies in the face, while making full use of her grapple hook.

Gameplay featuring the new mode, Agent Hunt.

[Source: Andriasang]