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Picotto Knights will be a Free-to-play Title For PS Vita

Being a PlayStation Vita owner, you must have heard the name “Gamearts”, right? It’s because they have already made two games for the handheld (Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro) and now, they are working on a third title, Picotto Knights. The good news however, is that the side scrolling action RPG game being developed is a free-to-play title.

You can either play it online with three other players or you can go alone even using the characters of your friends. The game itself is looking good for a free-to-play title with better visuals and diverse nature of the content it has to offer. Just like an RPG, this F2P title will offer more than 400 characters and other elements like character progression and customization options. Good enough?

The game is scheduled to be released later this month and NHN Japan will be taking publisher’s responsibilities this time rather than GungHo.

Source: Andriasang