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Dead Space 3 Pre-orders Cross That Of Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2
The new co-op mode being introduced in Dead Space 3 was met with some doubt. Many fans of the series thought it would drive away the horror element to some extent.

However, Electronic Arts believes that the new co-op mode is exactly the reason the game has received five times the pre-orders of the previous title, Dead Space 2.

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau revealed this today and claimed that the feature has helped drive consumer interest:

We believe the new co-op gameplay feature is attracting a lot of attention and a broader audience

The previous Dead Space titles were focused on a specific hard-core audience. Dead Space 3 tends to change that with a wider focus. Will it live up to it’s hype is yet to be seen. However, after watching the videos being released by Visceral, I have to admit that the game looks beautiful.

Dead Space 3 will also be the first time that players get to have some action outside of the confines of a space ship.