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Battlefield 3 Premium Subscriptions Cross 1 Million

Electronic Arts is on a roll today, revealing current news of success of their various games. Here is one regarding the ace FPS title by DICE, Battlefield 3.

According to EA the Premium Subscriptions for Battlefield 3 have just crossed the 1 million mark. If you’re interested in actual stats then know that the current number of subscribers is 1.3 Million.

The news comes from EA’s fiscal report for the first financial quarter of 2013. The number of subscribers last month was 800,000 as reported by EA.

Anyone can join Battlefield 3 Premium by paying a one time sum of $50. The member gets access to all five Battlefield 3 expansion packs, plus early access to maps and exclusive items. It’s counterpart Call of Duty Elite however, has an annual subscription fee of $50.

Battlefield 3 was released last year in October for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Which one would you go for: Call of Duty Elite or Battlefield 3 Premium?