Watch Two New Videos Showing a Ton of Gameplay for Sleeping Dogs

While Sleeping Dogs is less than a month away from release, that hasn’t stopped God is a Geek from featuring two new gameplay videos for Square Enix’s upcoming crime action game.

In the first video, there’s not a lot of spoilers (thankfully!); instead, it shows us how the combat works within the game. Aside from that, we can see how the character progression works, too. There’s three separate elements to level up which should add a little spice to all your single-player side mission fetching.

In the second video, it shows a mission much later on in the game, now be forewarned, this could be a bit spoiler-ish depending on your point-of-view.

We get to see the game’s cover-based shooting mechanics as well as some nice vehicular carnage.

Give it a watch.

Sleeping Dogs is being developed by United Front Games and is set for release in August for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.