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The U.S. Army IS Looking For A New FPS Training Game

The US Army is hoping to get a new FPS title by next year to use in their military training simulations.

Currently the army is using Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace 2 as the primary game in it’s training programs. However, with advancements in technology the army is now hoping for something more up to date.

Hence, the Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) published their very own wish list last month detailing what they are exactly looking for.

The draft was 243 page document and had a 13 page checklist on what a next-generation Army shooter should look like.

The funny and interesting thing taken from their draft is that how much current FPS games in our entertainment category meet those demands.

The US Army wants to include serious hardware to their game; we’re talking Predator drones, Apache helicopters, M-1 and Russian T-72 tanks. We see them every day in Battlefield 3.

Further on the draft mentions the inclusion of more than 50 types of civilian vehicles (Toyota pickup trucks, bicycles), 100 civilian structures (Factories, Mosques) and traffic control gear (Spike Traps).

Bohemia Interactive is more likely to bid on the Army contract which is most probably going to be around $44.5 million over five years.

Source. Kotaku