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PlayStation Summer Sale Begins Tomorrow

I’m pretty sure that by now many of us have already spent most of our cash on Valve’s recent Summer Sale on Steam. If however, you still have some dough left then you might be interested in Sony’s PlayStation Summer Sale.

The sale will continue through the month of August and will bring seven different deals. Each deal will last for a maximum of four days.

The first deal has already been announced and it’s FIFA 12. The game will be available on sale starting tomorrow and will have a price tag of £19.99. Known that the original value of EA’s football title is £54.99; so you’re saving £30.

Future offers from Sony include LA Noire:Complete Edition and Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Full games, PSN titles, DLC, PS One Classics, PSP games, minis and movies will also be included.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get even more money off on each deal in the sale.

For more details you can visit their official website.