Orcs Must Die 2 Crashes, Errors, Freezes and Fixes

Games like Orcs Must Die are fun to play and the second iteration in the series; Orcs Must Die 2 has also got respectable views from both the fans and experts. Although, you can play the game alone but the level design, especially at the higher difficulty indicates that the co-op play is the game’s primary focus.

It does not allow the public matchmaking so you will have to get a partner before you can jump into the co-op action. Anyway, since it’s a PC game, you can expect some unwanted problems. So, if you have been looking for a fix against a particular issue related to Orcs Must Die 2, you can refer to the following troubleshooting guide.

#1 Orcs Must Die 2 Crashes/Freezes/Black Screen
The issue may well be related to the GPU. If you are using a Nvidia card, you try out the following steps:

  • Rightclick on the desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Select Configure Multi-GPU, Surround, PhysX
  • Select Disable multi-GPU mode
  • Under PhysX settings, select B or what it says as #2 to secure the game doesn’t take over and forces SLi or multi anyways.
  • Now, select “Dedicate to PhysX” to resolve the issue.

If it does not help, you should try disabling V-sync and Anti-aliasing in the options.

#2 Can’t Launch Orcs Must Die 2
If you are unable to launch the game then you can do the followings to make it work:

  • Try running the game as administrator.
  • Make sure that you have installed all the C++ redistributable package before you run the game. One easy of doing it is that you install the Orcs Must Die 1 (that is if you have it) which will install all the required content to run the game. Or you can try installing the package manually.

#3 Orcs Must Die 2 – Bilebat Bug
The bug has been noticed by the developer, and they are working for a fix. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next update.

#4 Orcs Must Die 2 – Settings not being saved
If you are facing this issue, then you should try changing the setting after you have created the character, and you are playing the game. In the main-menu, you may not be able to save the changes you made, and they may get reset. It’s a bug apparently and hopefully, will be fixed soon.

#5 Orcs Must Die 2 Crashes on the Start-up
If you gave managed to run the game, and it crashes just after a few screens, then you can give following suggestions a shot:

  • Try verifying the integrity of the game cache
  • Try running the game as “administrator”
  • Restart steam and try again.

#6 Orcs Must Die 2 – No Gamepad Support?
The game pad is supported but there is no option to customize keys in the menu. So, you will have to play with the default controls I guess.

#7 Orcs Must Die 2 Connection Problems
If you have been facing issues in the demo to connect with other players, then its worth mentioning here that the issue has been resolved in the full version of the game. Make sure that your firewall/antivirus isn’t blocking the game. If it still doesn’t work you can try UDP port forwarding for 50,000-65535 range.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know your issue and we will try to help you out!