Guild Wars 2 Warrior Profession Guide

Guild Wars 2 offers a large variety of professions to choose from for your character. Each profession is completely unique, with very different play mechanics and skills.

In this guide we will go over the famous Warrior profession. The Warrior profession is by many considered a tank, but as you will see, there are no formal roles associated with the GW2 professions, which make them unique and versatile.

We’ll go over the skill types, the equip-able weapons, the mechanics of the Warrior, and the general way of playing the profession. For more help on Guild Wars 2 Warrior, read our Warrior Builds Guide.


Being the master of all kinds of weaponry, and having an iron defense, the Warrior is the hardcore physical-damage-dealing profession of Guild Wars 2.

The Warrior excels at absorbing damage, dealing damage, and building momentum. Though the profession mainly boasts heavy armor, the Warrior is known for its speed and damage combination that can decimate even the toughest foes.

Like other professions, the Warrior’s skills and play-style change depending on the equipped weapon. Warriors have the capability two dual-wield weapons, but it is the weapon in the main hand that determines the skills of the Warrior.

A Warrior wielding a Sword is very fast and mobile, and has the capability of making his enemies Bleed.

An Axe-wielding Warrior generates Adrenaline (more on this ahead) quickly and can unleash devastating blows.

A Warrior with a Mace can stun his enemies and exploit their weak spots.

A Warrior with a Greatsword is an expert in delivering AoE damage with large sweeps of his weapon.

A Warrior with a Longbow can light his arrows on fire to deliver some Burning damage.

A Rifle-wielding Warrior can pull enemies towards himself or destroy fleeing ones from a range.

Adrenaline can be termed as the fuel for the Warrior’s immense strength. Unlike fuel though, the Warrior must build up Adrenaline manually by attacking. Every attack tends to build up Adrenaline, making the Warrior more and more powerful.

After a bit of Adrenaline has been built up, the Warrior can spend it by using an extremely powerful Burst skill. The strength of this Burst skill grows with more Adrenaline, so if you were to use it after building a huge amount of Adrenaline, it would do much more damage than it would with a little quantity Adrenaline.

Burst Skills:
Each weapon comes with a special burst skill associated with it. As stated earlier, this Burst Skill will be determined by the main-hand weapon if the Warrior is dual-wielding.

This Burst skill improves at each stage of Adrenaline. This means that the more Adrenaline you have, the stronger the impact of the Burst skill. However, the improvements may not necessarily be in the sheer intensity of the Burst skill.

Certain Burst skills gain improvements such as adding a condition to the skill, or increasing the duration of a condition associated with it, or to enhance the effect and duration of the skill.

Generally, Burst skills can be used at any time, but a rule of thumb has developed that it should be used when a Warrior has built up a large quantity of Adrenaline.

Skill Types:
To accompany the unique Adrenaline and Burst skill mechanics of the Warrior, there are numerous types of skills available to the Warrior. These are:

Stances – These are toggle skills that give the Warrior a specific enhancement in expense of energy regeneration. These enhancements vary in effect. Some may give Boons while others may give certain utility-based effects, such as regeneration of Adrenaline at the cost of energy.

Chains – Chains are a set of three skills that are on a single skill slot. When activated, these three skills go off in sequence. Chains give a warrior two extra weapon skills on a weapon set.

Banners – Banners can be used in the battlefield by the Warrior to give him and his allies various types of buffs, depending on the Banner itself. These banners can either be planted on the ground to convey the effect in a fixed radius, or be picked up by the Warrior for mobile conveyance of the buff.

Shouts – Shouts are skills that affect an area, giving bonuses to allies and also debuffs to enemies.

Charge Skills – There are certain skills that a Warrior can charge up before unleashing. This charging can occur at different levels depending on how much time is given.

A Warrior can then unleash the skill after charging up to do massively increased damage or whatever effect the skill would otherwise have.

Playing as the Warrior

The Warrior is easily one of the most reliable professions in Guild Wars 2. This is because of the immense simplicity in playing the profession, which is both satisfying and makes the Warrior extremely effective.

Most players would claim that the Warrior is the most rewarding profession in the game. It may not necessarily true in the absolute sense, but the reliable combination of strength, speed, and high defense makes even the most novice Warriors look good.

Generally, most Warriors take the role of tanking and forefront battling alongside the Guardian profession.

Though assigning specific roles to professions is a not trait seen in Guild Wars 2, Warriors do actually make excellent front-men along with the Guardians because of their physical strength, fantastic support skills, and high defense.

I would highly recommend that newcomers pick either the Guardian or Warrior class.

In addition to a wide range of skills, Warriors also have the natural ability to use almost all sorts of weapons.

The weapons a Warrior can equip are:

  • Main Hand – Sword, Axe, Mace
  • Offhand – Shield, Warhorn, Sword, Axe, Mace
  • Two-Handed – Greatsword, Hammer, Longbow, Rifle

A Warrior can easily switch between two active weapon sets during battle. However, this does trigger a cool-down to prevent over-abuse of this option. To reduce the cool-down of this weapon set swapping, a Warrior can use the every-handy Weapon Master trait.

This swapping, though also available for other professions, is particularly useful for the Warrior because of the Burst skills that come with each weapon.

One recommendation would be to use a mixture of ranged and melee sets to get the versatility needed to face all kinds of situations. All in all, there is very little you could do wrong with a profession that is naturally adept at every weapon available.