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Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Profession Guide

Prior to Guild Wars 2’s beta test, ArenaNet was regularly teasing us with the wonderful professions of the game. The beta confirmed the brilliance of these professions (or classes).

Each of the 8 professions is completely unique, with no resemblance found between them. This makes the profession system of GW2 one of the finest ever seen.

In this guide we will go over the trickery-filled Mesmer profession. The Mesmer is a naturally captivating class for it’s almost artistic illusiveness and mesmerizing tricks.

We’ll go over the skill types, have a look at what kind of illusions the Mesmer can bewilder foes with, check out the equip-able weapons, and the general way of playing the profession.

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Being the master of illusions and trickery, the Mesmer is adept at confusing his enemies, leaving them bewildered before striking them down.

The Mesmer may not have physical strength of a Warrior or the valor of a Guardian, or the magical prowess of the Elementalist, but what the Mesmer does have is a huge bag of tricks and psychologically crippling abilities.

The Mesmer’s skills and abilities can be divided into two attunements, Illusion and Mantras.

Mesmers create Illusions that focus on a specific target. The illusion itself can attack only one target at once, but all the allies and enemies can see the illusion and choose to attack it. Three illusions can be active at a time. If an additional fourth is created, it will replace the first one.

Illusions are further divided into two types:

Clones – Clones are illusions that look like the Mesmer casting them. All the basic behaviors of the Mesmer are incorporated in the clone. Clones generally have low health and little damage.

Phantasms – Phantasms look like the caster as well, but differ in behavior and traits. Each phantasm has its own weapon. Phantasms have much more health than clones and deal large amounts of damage.

Mantras are special types of skills that can be charged up and then used any time necessary. These skills have two phases. The first phase is when the Mantra is activated, which has a long cast time and replaces that skill slot with an instant-casting skill that the Mesmer can then use.

This allows Mantras to be activated prior to a battle, and then used effectively during the battle.

Skill Types:
Alongside the Illusions and Mantras, the Mesmer has the ability to induce damage through the confusion Condition Damage, as well use the created Illusions to his will.

Confused Condition:
This is a new condition that a Mesmer has. When an enemy is confused, every time it activates a skill it’ll take damage. The effect can stack up in intensity – the more confused an enemy, the greater the amount of damage.

The Mesmer has a special ability set called Shattering, which shatters the created illusions to deal massive damage or create CC. The shatter skills are:

Mind Wreck – Destroy illusions and damages foes surrounding it.

Cry of Frustration – Destroys illusions and gives confusion to foes surrounding it.

Diversion – Destroys your illusions and stuns nearby foes.

Reflection – Destroy you illusions and creates a protective barrier around the Mesmer.

Playing as the Mesmer

The Mesmer is sits next to the Engineer and Elementalist in-terms of difficulty. This is because awareness of the battlefield is very necessary for this profession, as key enemies have to be targeted for your illusions, and one has to decide which type of Shatter skill is optimum for what kind of difficulty.

Having said that, the Mesmer doesn’t have a very large learning curve – it just has a large mastering one.

The Mesmer has the ability to equip a very large variety of weapons, ranging from staffs to greatswords and beyond. The weapons that a Mesmer can equip are:

  • Main Hand – Sword, Scepter
  • Off Hand –Focus, Pistol, Sword, Torch
  • Two-Handed – Staff, Greatsword

I highly recommend using a Scepter and Torch combination. Swords are quite useful too, but Scepters tend to give you better abilities with more Crowd Control. This combination of Torch and Scepter will give you the most amount of Illusion skills, which are the bread and butter skills of the Mesmer.

Though Combos and Skill Chains exist for every profession, it is the Mesmer that they are most important with. A good Mesmer will always be one who can chain his/her attacks for maximum damage and effectiveness.

Skill Chains are rapid-succession attacks that exist under one button. The first skill of the chain is displayed in the hotbar.

When you press the button, the first skill of the Skill Chain is activated, and the next skill is immediately displayed on the same hotbar. This can be reactivated again, and the step can be repeated to do the chain attack.

You can also do this buy [Ctrl + right click on the skill]. This will automatically unleash the entire chain. However, a good player would always suggest to only use the next ability in the chain if it is needed – don’t spam it.

Combos on the other hand are more complex to execute; they require the usage of two abilities sequentially to take effect.

Generally, a Combo involves two skills: a field skill and a finisher skill. The field skill is a type of AoE skill. The finisher skill is quite evident, because it says ‘Combo Finisher’ in the description. Use these finisher skills after a field skill to execute combos.