Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Profession Guide

Professions in Guild Wars 2 are classes that a player can choose for his character. There are eight professions in Guild Wars 2, each with unique abilities and skills.

However, unlike many other MMO games, none of the professions have a specific role. Instead, all the professions are balanced in such a manner that they can take on any role – all professions have at least one healing ability, and also other defensive/offensive abilities.

In this guide we will go over the Elementalist profession, seeing what it has to offer, the skills, equip-able weapons, and how you should play the profession in-general. For more help on Guild Wars 2 Elementalist, read our Attunements and Elementalist Builds Guide.


The Elementalist is a powerful profession that excels in commanding the magical forces of nature: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. These forces themselves give them an enormous amount of skill variety, as they can swap between them to get completely different skill pools.

Attunements in the Elementalist profession are the elements that the Elementalist can set herself to. Each attunement comes with a completely new set of abilities and play-style.

Additionally, the attunements can further enhance by the type of weapon that Elementalist is wielding. So, for a Scepter the Fire attunement’s skills will be different than they would be for a Staff with the same attunement.

The attunements, alone with what kind of skills they offer, are:

Fire Attunement:
The Elementalist deals more-or-less AoE (Area of Effect) damage, burning multiple enemies at once. The Elementalist also causes fire-based thorn damage during this attunement.

Air Attunement:
The Elementalist tends to focus single-targets with air and lightning damage. Nearby enemies are also continuously struck by lightning.

Water Attunement:
The Elementalist sacrifices raw damage and power for more crowd control and support. Whether it’s freezing foes to solid, or unbalancing them with slippery ice, the battle sways towards the Elementalist when in this attunement. Additionally, nearby allies receive continuous healing when the Elementalist is attuned to water.

Earth Attunement:
The Elementalist protects herself from harm by turning flesh to stone, and aiding herself and allies by dismantling foes with seismic shocks. The Elementalist also gains magic protection during this attunement.

For a detailed guide on Attunements, read our Elementalist Attunement Guide.

Spell Types:

The Elementalist has the following spell-types:

  • Glyphs—These spells enhance the power of the Elementalist, enhancing things like skill effects and damage output.
  • Signets—Signets have two stages. Their first stage is an on-going passive effect, while activating the Signet initiates the second stage, which is an active effect or ability.
  • Conjure Spells—The Elementalist can use conjuration spells to conjure weapons and items that can be used during battle.
  • Area Spells—These are AoE damage spells that can damage multiple enemies in a specific region.

Playing As the Elementalist

The Elementalist is one of the most difficult characters to play with initially in Guild Wars 2, because of the unique ability sets and the profession’s dependency on its large compatible weapon-types.

Depending on the weapon, the Elementalist’s skill sets for every attunement change vastly. Therefore, it is up to the player to choose what weapon (and hence what skill set) suits his/her play-style best.

The following are the weapons the Elementalist can equip, along with how they change the profession’s skill sets:

Scepter (Main Hand) —Specialize in close range combat.

Dagger (Main Hand) —Specialize in medium range spells.

Staff (Two Handed) — Slow-casting, long ranged weapons.

Dagger (Off Hand) —Specialize in medium range abilities.

Focus (Off Hand) — Specialize in powerful close range abilities.

Two-handed weapons come with five skills, while one-handed weapons have three skills, and can be matched with an off-hand item for another two skills. The sixth skill is a healing ability, the next three skills are Utility Skills obtained from leveling, and the final skill is an Elite Skills obtained after level 30.

Though difficult to play initially, the Elementalist gains many benefits over other professions in higher levels because of the large variety of skill-types. This is because of the many possible combinations of weapon and attunement available to the profession.

A good Elementalist is one who keeps two sets of weapons, and rapidly switches around attunements and weapons in combination to get the required effects.

What is extremely essential with the Elementalist is the hand-on experience of the different kinds of weapon-attunement combinations. Once these combinations are figured out, a good player will always look to find two that suit his/her play-style best.

This requires extensive careful research, exploration, and experimentation, because of which the Elementalist is considered the most tedious profession out of the lot.

This huge variety is further complimented by the Elite skills available for the Elementalist. With a smart combination, the profession is capable of wreaking havoc and destroying hordes of enemies within a second, which easily makes the Elementalist one of the most powerful characters in the game.