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Analyst Predicts Low Sales For Medal of Honor Warfighter

A report published by Cown & Company, cited by Forbes, explains the disinterest in the new Medal of Honor Warfighter and gives probable reason for its lack of pre-orders.

Doug Creutz is video game analyst who works for Cowen & Company. In his report he states that the sales estimate of the upcoming Medal of Honor title will probably be around the 1.4 million mark. This number was previously expected to be 2.3 million units.

The reason for this disinterest has been laid on the previous Medal of Honor title which lacked in quality and replay value. Fans who previously had played the last Medal of Honor were not in high spirits when they were told of Warfighter.

From his report:

This is based on a very soft performance since E3 in Amazon’s top-selling game rankings compared to other recent titles. We think the most likely culprit for apparent gamer disinterest is the poor quality of the last ‘Medal of Honor’ game in 2010.

Creutz also mentioned that EA’s Star Wars: The Old Republic will also loose much of it’s already dwindling subscribers. If the report is accurate then the online MMO will see to a decline of around 1 million subscribers. The reason he stated was “due to continued poor server density trends.”

Electronic Arts already had hinted towards a free-to-play model to counter the diminishing subscribers. More accurate statistics regarding this report will be known once EA’s earnings call happen later today.

Source. Forbes