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Ubisoft’s UPlay Has Major Security Vulnerability

It turns out that Ubisoft’s uPlay system has a major and serious security hole in it’s midst. Players who have ever installed a Ubisoft game on their system are required to quickly find and eliminate the threat.

Rock Paper Shotgun reports that remote users can access your system through the browser extension. Once connected they can install programs and malicious scripts, open/edit or even delete files already on the PC.

Good news for all is that there is an easy fix available.

Firefox: Tools –> Add-ons –> Plugins –> Disable the Uplay and Uplay PC Hub plugins

Opera: Settings –> Preferences –> Advanced –> Downloads –> Search “Uplay” -> delete

Chrome: Visit about:plugins and disable

Internet Explorer: Detailed instructions here.

Ubisoft have previously taken on a lot of heat over their uPlay system that brings the dreaded online authentication DRM to play. Players have complained that the system is unnecessary and plain annoying.