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Microsoft to Have Resident Evil 6, Halo 4 and More Playable Xbox 360 Summer Festival

It’s a given that Microsoft’s presence and reception in Japan is lackluster at best, but that doesn’t mean the publisher won’t try to win fans over.

In saying that, Microsoft will still be holding its annual Xbox 360 summer festival event in Japan. No, it won’t have Idolmaster or any quirky games, but instead will offer playable demos of games like Resident Evil 6, Halo 4, Dead or Alive 5 and more.

The games listed below will be playable at the show floor and the games’ release dates can also be seen (the date next to the title).

  • Fable The Journey (10/11)
  • Dance Central 3 (10/18)
  • Forza Horizon (10/25)
  • Halo 4 (11/08)
  • Spec Ops the Line (08/30)
  • Dirt Shadow (08/30)
  • Max Payne 3 (09/20)
  • Sleeping Dogs (09/27)
  • Dead or Alive 5 (09/27)
  • Love Training Sweet (09/27)
  • Resident Evil 6 (10/04)
  • Rocksmith (10/11)
  • Borderlands 2 (10/25)
  • Ginga Force (2012)

This year’s show will take place in both Tokyo and Osaka. The event in Tokyo will take place on August 24 and 25 in Akihabara; while the Osaka event will take place on September 1 at the Umeda Sky Building.

In addition to the playable kiosks, game developers will also hold stage events at the show floor. So i if you’re in Japan, go attend the event to play these games early.

Source: Andriasang