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Durango Devkit Images Reveal PC Nature of Microsoft’s Upcoming Console

It’s been a long time now that the fans and the critiques around the globe have been eager to get a glimpse of the next generation of consoles both by Microsoft and Sony. Apart from enticing rumors and minor details, we haven’t still been able to unravel the complete mystery.

The rumors however, won’t stop coming and recently, a user name DaE had more to reveal about the developers kit (code named “Durango) of Microsoft’s upcoming consoles on AssemblerGames forums. The user posted some screen shots on the forums and was trying to sell the kit for 10,000 USD.

The kit seems to be an “anonymous black box” with hardware similar to a modern gaming PC. DaE also reports that the upcoming console will have 8 GB of RAM with a 64 bit operating system. The GPU supposedly is an AMD 6000 chip just like the Radeon HD 6670. The Microsoft Visual Studio’s screen shot shown below also provides the vague evidence that the new console may well use the architecture similar to the computers these days.

Considering the current scenario and Microsoft’s job listings based on the next-gen games, it won’t be long that we will have the first official glimpse of the machine and i am betting that the console will be finalized by the end of the next year.

Source: Eurogamer