David Jaffe Shows off Axed Endings for Twisted Metal

David Jaffe, creator of God of War and the Twisted Metal franchises, has shared the a bunch of Twisted Metal endings that were cut from the game.

Granted, they’re incomplete but Jaffe tried to complete it on his own by adding music tracks using his own software and all — which isn’t that bad, to be honest.

These endings were shared by Jaffe on his blog and not released by Sony or Eat Sleep Play themselves.

First up, franchise “face” Sweet Tooth has an alternate ending. See it below.

Next up, here’s Preacher and Dollface’s alternate endings.

Jaffe originally wanted the three characters to have different endings in the game, but due to varying factors, they weren’t included in the final game.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that Jaffe himself is no longer part of Eat Sleep Play. He has formed his own studio which is working on an unannounced project for unknown platforms.

Which ending do you prefer? This one or the original ones in the game?