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THQ Prez: Gaming Moving Away From $60 Boxed Goods

While Jason Rubin might be the new president of THQ, that doesn’t mean he’s green around the ears when it comes to games. Rubin is, of course, the former founder of Naughty Dog  — yes, the same Naughty Dog that developed the Uncharted franchise.

In saying all that, Rubin thinks gaming will move away from the standard $60 packaged game and not every game needs to be a big, triple A affair with millions of dollars just for marketing alone.

As time progresses, the entire industry will move closer to what we see in the PC model emerging now, which is a lot of different-sized games and different types of games that all get a place in the sun because you can buy things that aren’t $60 boxed goods. If you look at something like Portal, an excellent game that clearly is not a Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, bingo. If you look at World of Tanks or League of Legends, there’s any number of these games that are not competing on a graphic level.

While “core” gamers might balk at what Rubin had said, he does have a point. Imagine more and more publishers taking risks — which, in turn, will give us newer and fresher gaming experiences.

If so, I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to the $60 boxed game.

Source: Game Informer