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Splinter Cell Blacklist To Raise Bar Of Stealth Gameplay

Stealth has always been a prime factor in the core gameplay of the Splinter Cell franchise. Prior to the release of the original title, the developers did mention that players would have the option of either going ballistic or using stealth during their missions. However, I always found going in weapons drawn to be ideal in almost every situation.

While the franchise did focus on stealth gameplay, most players were finding the stealth elements to be just plain time consuming and monotonous.

Splinter Cell Blacklist looks forward to correct this and is aiming to raise the bar of stealth gameplay. However, this doesn’t mean that players will have to stay in the shadows all the time.

The game will maintain current demands of action gameplay and players will have to choose wisely depending on every situation. The choice you make at every turn will be critical.

The screenshot above is from a mission where Sam infiltrates a terrorist hideout while disguised as the enemy.

Sam Fisher’s movements have also gotten an increased sense of realism. This is entirely because of extensive motion capture work which has resulted in amazing fluid movements on screen.

Thanks to that Sam will now move up and down obstacles fairly quicker and smoother than the previous installments. This was also a necessity since Blacklist features increased traversal options.

Blacklist 02

Sam Fisher will have a big pool of abilities which he can use to tackle different situations. Be it spying on enemies by climbing mountains, using quick moves to silence enemies or using an assortment of advanced weaponry to take out the enemy.

In addition to all of that Sam will also have the option of calling in help from members of the Fourth Echelon. They will be providing their services by sending airstrikes or knocking out the lights in an area to help Sam sneak in.

Splinter Cell Blacklist will release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in the first quarter of 2013.

Source. GameInformer