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WWE 13: More Dynamic Commentary & Imploding Rings Added

Commentary has always been a vital part of the wrestling matches in WWE. Legends like Jerry Lawler and JR Ross have given a new dimension to this sport with their voice.

In this light, WWE 13 is attempting to bring the same lively and intense commentary onto your console.

A new video released shows just that. The commentary now will be more dynamic and will play a larger role in bringing you all the action.

The interaction of the audience has been looked over. They will now cheer or boo at every big move in the ring.

In addition to the new commentary system, imploding rings have also been added to the game. Get ready to see it getting demolished when Big Show slams someone into the mats.

WWE 13 will release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii on 30th of October, 2012.