THQ Registers Web Domains for Saints Row 4 and Mysterious “1666”

While THQ is not in the healthiest financial state right now, that doesn’t mean the publisher is going to stop making new games.

On the contrary, the publisher has now registered web domains for a couple of its upcoming titles.

One of the non-surprises here is a couple of website registrations for Saints Row 4 — the game is THQ’s best-selling franchise to date, after all.

Aside from that, the publisher has also registered a domain for “1666.” This one is a mystery for now. Speculation is that it’s somehow connected to the Great Fire in London which happened this year — though, this seems to be debunked as the website refers to and

For now, we’re left in the dark, but internet sleuth Superannuation might be on to something as he thinks they might point to a new name for Del Toro’s inSane.

So, what do you think 1666 is for? If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say it’s for a horror game or something similar.