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Strike Suit Zero – An Interview With Chris From Born Ready Games

We managed to snag an interview with Born Ready Games about their upcoming game, Strike Suit Zero.

The other week at Rezzed, I happened upon a booth for a game that instantly piqued my interests. That game was Strike Suit Zero, a space combat game currently in development by the newly formed Born Ready Games. Now, I was eager to try the game out, but first I thought that I might get an interview with Chris, the lead developer on the project.

The original recording will be going out as a special episode of our XPGrind podcast this weekend, but if you can’t wait that long; below is a transcribing of our interview:

Liam: Hello, I’m here at Rezzed. We’ve managed to get an interview with Chris from-…I’ve forgotten the name of the company again.

Chris: Born Ready Games

Liam: Born Ready Games! They’ve branched off from 66 Studios. They’ve just gone full indie developer.

Chris: Yeah, it was a management buyout. They’re really keen on getting the game out themselves. They wanted to be more creative with it, fully realise what the game is and thought they’d do better on their own so that was it.

Liam: So, Chris is the lead developer on a new little space combat game called Strike Suit Zero. Mech heavy, space heavy, combat heavy, joystick heavy.

Chris: Yep! The mech was designed by Junji Okubu, he did all the mech design for Steel Batallion, Endless Space and that kind of thing. It’s got a kind of fusion of Western space combat game meets sort-of anime designs if you know what I mean. But it’s very much a Western space combat game, so it’s not like Gundam or that kind of thing. More like Freespace, Starlancer.

Liam: Battlefront II’s space combat style?

Chris: A little bit like the combat in that, yeah. It’s not as simmy as say Freespace or Tie Fighter, but it’s not as arcade as Rogue Strike on the GameCube. So we’ve got sort of a nice in-between, so anyone should be able to pick it up and get into it without feeling like they have to fly a ship or anything.

Liam: So a heavy focus on combat?

Chris: Yeah, especially.

Liam: So, it’s being developed for PC and you’ve already got mouse/keyboard support, Xbox pad support and most importantly: Joysticks

Chris: Yeah, we’re planning on doing built-in profiles for all the major joysticks on the market. So like Logitech extreme 3Pro. So if you just plug that in you’ll have a default profile for it already.

Liam: So you’re preparing for everything.

Chris: Yeah, basicly. It’s a PC game so we want to make sure the PC market get what they’re expecting.