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Dishonored Studio: We Like Games that aren’t Shooting Galleries with Scripted Pop-Ups

One of the few games that’s trying to shake the First-Person genre this year is Bethesda’s Dishonored.

The Arkane Studios developed game will be a First-Person affair, but it won’t be a shooter. This couldn’t even be more pronounced as one of the game’s lead designers Harvey Smith, doesn’t like games that are your “typical shooting galleries.”

We like games that are authored in such a way that they are systems. They aren’t just a shooting gallery with scripted pop-ups for the player. So that made it all easy to come together. That’s really our goal with Dishonored; to empower the player so the player can play creatively. It requires more on the part of the player; these games don’t play themselves.

While those are fighting words aimed at pretty much every studio that develops FPS’, he does have a point. How many shooters have you played that mostly consisted of scripted set-pieces with airhead AIs that are pluck for the shooting.

Hopefully, Dishonored will buck this trend when it’s out later this year.

Source: Games Industry