Darksiders Originally to Be a 4-Player Co-op Game

Can you imagine playing Darksiders with four buddies in tow? That was almost a reality as Vigil Games originally wanted the franchise to have co-op.

In an interview with IncGamers, Lead Designer Haydn Dalton talks about their initial plan and why it fell apart.

 Originally, Vigil wanted to do a four player co-op game…Realistically, though, we didn’t have much console experience and it was a whole new genre for us. So instead we went down the less risky route and focused on a single one of them.

With the second game we thought of doing some form of co-op, but that was still very risky. Plus, people liked what we did with the first game and we didn’t want to take that away from them. I guess we’ll find out when [Darksiders 2] comes out whether they still like it [Laughs].

While Darksiders is a good game, if it implemented co-op intelligently, that would have been awesome. Imagine pairing up as War, Death and the other Horsemen to lay waste to your foes?

Regardless though, it seems Darksiders II will be able to deliver once it drops on August 14 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.