Nintendo Makes 3DS Codes Available At Online Retailers

Nintendo is expanding its options for online purchases for the 3DS. Several online retailers such as Tsutaya Online Shopping, Rakuten Books, Seven Net Shopping, and Joshin Net Shopping will sell download codes, which will allow you to download games from the 3DS e-Shop.

Options for purchasing and downloading games online for the 3DS will now be threefold. The first way is to purchase and download games directly from the official Nintendo 3DS e-shop.

The second is to get a download code from an online retailer such as the ones listed above. This second method requires you to complete the download 150 days from purchase. The third and final method is to purchase a download card which contains a code from a shop like 7-Eleven. This method also requires you to use the code within 150 days.

The new download options will begin on July 28 at 9:00.