Mists Of Pandaria Terrace Of Endless Spring Boss Strategy Guide

The area lies between the Jade Forest and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It’s waters are said to have healing and rejuvenating powers. However, most was lost when the Sha Of Fear attacked.

Sha Of Fear

Wall of Light: Players standing in the light that’s projecting from the center of the terrace will grab the boss’s attention. They will also take 10% reduced damage from all sources. Note that the wall also deflects the Sha’s Breath of Fear attack.

Breath of Fear: This attack does 248625 to 261375 Shadow damage to all enemies over 1 sec. Players who are affected also get feared for 5 seconds. You can however, stand behind the wall to be unaffected.

Eerie Skull: He throws a skull which does 36000 to 44000 Shadow damage to players near the impact point.

Ominous Cackle: He cackles and teleports a random group of players to an outer shrine where they must battle a former guardian of the terrace.

Terror Spawn: He periodically summons a pair of Terror Spawns to attack players. All spells and attacks by players from the front are deflected.

The Terror Spawns hurl bolts of Sha energy at a player’s location, inflicting 57000 to 63000 Shadow damage to enemies within 0 yards of the impact point. Affected enemies take 25% increased Shadow damage for 15 sec.

Reaching Attack: The Sha strikes at a distant target, inflicting 100% of weapon damage as Shadow and increasing Shadow damage taken by 20% for 12 sec. The Sha uses this ability when no targets are in melee range.

Lei’s Hope: The light in the terrace seems to glow more brightly after players force the Sha to retreat to the Dread Expanse. Attack and casting speeds are increased by 20% within the Terrace of Endless Spring on subsequent attempts.

The Outer Shrines

The group of players who get teleported to the outer shrine must defeat one of the three: Yang Guoshi, Cheng Kang, or Jinlun Kun.

Shoot: The guardian shoots at a target doing 75% physical weapon damage.

Dread Spray: The guardian rapidly fires sprays of Dread Bolts in specific directions for 8 sec. During this time he also gains immunity from taunt. Each spray deals 75% of weapon damage as Shadow and afflicting the target for 8 sec. At 2 stacks, the Dread Spray fears the target for 2 sec.

Death Blossom: The guardian spins in a circle, unleashing a hail of bolts in all directions for 6 sec. Each bolt that strikes an enemy inflicts 23750 to 26250 Physical damage.

Sha Globe: Globes of Sha energy are knocked out of the possessed crossbowman as he loses health. Touching a globe will consume it, inflicting 10000 Shadow damage but refilling the player’s primary resource. If not consumed within 8 sec the globe will return to the bowman, healing him for 8% of his maximum health.

Fearless: Defeating any of the guardian teleports the group back to the terrace and grants them 60% increased damage and healing, 60% increased movement speed, and immunity to Fear effects for 30 seconds.

The Dread Expanse

This part is related to the raid being done on heroic difficulty. Once low on health, the Sha of Fear retreats to the Dread Expanse dragging players with him.

Fading Light: The light from the terrace dies out and heal players, restoring 90% health and mana over 6 sec. In addition, all player cooldowns are reset.

Pure Light: The uncorrupted light from the terrace binds itself to the current champion and takes on a new form. It grows stronger, granting the champion immunity to fear and horror effects and reduces their damage taken by 25%.

Transfer Light: The champion can use this ability to move the Pure Light to a targeted friendly player.

Implacable Strike: The Sha unleashes an Implacable Strike in the direction of his current target that inflicts 605500 to 794500 damage to enemies up to 0 yards away.

Naked and Afraid: The Sha reduces the target’s armor and chance to dodge by 100% for 40 seconds.

Waterspout: The Sha creates a series of waterspouts. Each waterspout takes 1.5 seconds to form and explode, inflicting 121875 to 128125 Frost damage to enemies within 2 yds.

Huddle in Terror: The Sha terrifies several players, causing them to cower in fear and inflicting 80000 Shadow damage every 1 sec. for 15 sec.

Submerge: The Sha disappears below the surface of the Dread Expanse for a short time, then emerges under a random player and inflicts 585000 to 615000 Frost damage to enemies within 10 yds. The Sha summons a Dread Spawn at his location every time he submerges.

The dread spawn fixates on the current champion of the light. If a new player becomes the champion the Dread Spawn changes targets.

Sha Spine: The Dread Spawn emits Sha Spines. Each spine inflicts 95062 to 99937 Shadow damage to a random player.

Eternal Darkness: The Dread Spawn kills his current target when he reaches melee range.

Gathering Speed: The Dread Spawn periodically gains 100% movement speed. This effect can stack up to 3 times, but is reset when a new Champion of the Light is chosen.

Protectors of The Endless

Sha Corruption: Killing a member of the Protectors causes Sha Corruption to explode from their bodies and possess the remaining Protectors. Sha Corruption heals each Protector to their maximum health, increases their damage done by 25%, and grants them additional abilities.

Protector Kaolan

Touch of Sha: Kaolan corrupts a player by inflicting 35000 Shadow damage every 3 seconds until players defeat Protector Kaolan.

Defiled Ground: Kaolan uses this ability after gaining a single dose of Sha Corruption.
He desecrates the land beneath target’s location for the remainder of the fight, inflicting 65000 Shadow damage every second and increasing damage taken from Defiled Ground by 10% for 1 min. This effect stacks.

Expel Corruption: Protector Kaolan uses this ability after gaining two doses of Sha Corruption.
He does 85000 Shadow damage to all players within 30 yards of him every 3 seconds. The damage of Expelled Corruption decreases as a player stands farther away from the source of corruption.

Elder Regail

Lightning Bolt: Regail unleashes a single bolt of lightning at a target player doing 185000 to 215000 Nature damage.

Lightning Prison: Regail places 2 players in a Lightning Prison, stunning them and causing each player to inflict 35000 Nature damage every second to all players within 7 yards.

Lightning Storm: Regail uses this ability after gaining a single dose of Sha Corruption.

He creates several waves of lightning strikes. The first wave strikes at Elder Regail’s location and then successive waves strike in a ring around him at 20, 40, 60 and 80 yards. Each strike inflicts 92500 to 107500 Nature damage to all players within 10 yards of Lightning Storm’s impact.

Overwhelming Corruption: Regail uses this ability after gaining two doses of Sha Corruption.
He now does 6500 Shadow damage to all players every 3 seconds and increases their damage taken from Overwhelming Corruption by 10%. This effect stacks.

Elder Asani

Water Bolt: Asani unleashes a water shot at a random player doing 46250 to 53750 Nature damage to all players within 3 yards of the targeted location.

Cleansing Waters: Asani summons a globe of Cleansing Waters at a Protector’s location. When the globe reaches the ground, it heals all targets within 3.5 yards for 5% of their total health every second. Targets also receive 50% additional healing from all sources for 30 seconds.

Corrupted Waters: Asani uses this ability after gaining a single dose of Sha Corruption.
He summons a globe of Corrupted Water that empowers all Protectors, granting them 100% melee and casting speed until destroyed.

Overwhelming Corruption: Asani uses this ability after gaining two doses of Sha Corruption.
He does 6500 Shadow damage to all players every 3 seconds and increases their damage taken from Overwhelming Corruption by 10%. This effect stacks.

Minion of Fear

Minions will keep coming from the Spring and they will go after the Protector with the lowest remaining health.

Corrupted Essence: When a Minion dies, it infects the 2 closest players with Corrupted Essence, increasing their damage done by 10% for 2 min.

Essence of Fear: The Essence of Fear inflicts 250000 Shadow damage to all players within 30 yards.

Greater Corrupted Essence: When a Minion of Fear reaches a Protector, it fills them with Greater Corrupted Essence, increasing their damage done by 10% for 2 min.

Greater Essence of Fear: The Greater Essence of Fear inflicts 500000 Shadow damage to all players and horrifies them for 3 sec.


The Night

Tsulong struggles at Night with the Sha’s corrupting influence. Bringing Tsulong’s remaining health to zero while at Night permanently destroys the Sha’s influence over him. When he reaches 100 energy, he temporarily purges the Sha’s influence and radiant sunlight turns Night into Day.

Dread Shadows: Shadows created by the Sha within Tsulong do 9750 to 10250 Shadow damage on all players and increases their Dread Shadows damage taken by 10%. This effect stacks.

Nightmares: The Sha within Tsulong projects Nightmares at the location of a random player. This does 48750 to 51250 Shadow damage and fears players within 8 yards of the impact for 3 seconds.

Shadow Breath: Tsulong expels out Sha energy doing 136500 to 143500 Shadow damage and increasing Shadow damage taken by 100% for 30 sec. This effect stacks.

Sunbeam: Tsulong’s attempts to resist the Sha allow him to protect the players from Dread Shadows. Tsulong summons a Sunbeam onto the battlefield, and the Sunbeam grants immunity to Dread Shadows for players standing within the beam. The protected area of the Sunbeam shrinks over time as more players stand within it.

The Dark of Night: The Dark of Night appears at a random location and moves towards the nearest Sunbeam. The Dark of Night extinguishes a Sunbeam upon reaching it.

The Day

During the Day, Tsulong gains the upper hand over the Sha corruption. Players may heal and aid Tsulong during the Day, and bringing him to full health while in the Day permanently destroys the Sha’s influence over him. When he reaches 100 energy, the Sha corrupts his emotions and Night descends upon the Terrace.

Embodied Terror: These Terror spawns burst into five Fright spawns when destroyed.

Terrorize: The Embodied Terror casts Terrorize on both a random player and on Tsulong. The terror inflicts 10% of the player’s current health as Shadow damage every 1 sec for 10 sec. Tsulong suffers 1% of his total health as Shadow damage every 1 sec. for 10 sec.

Fright Spawn: Five Fright Spawns appear when players destroy an Embodied Terror.

Fright: They unleash a wave doing 19500 to 20500 Shadow damage and fears players within 30 yards for 2 seconds.

Unstable Sha: Unstable Sha appear around Tsulong and then move towards him, inflicting massive Shadow damage to Tsulong if they reach him.

Unstable Bolt: The Unstable Sha unleashes shadowy energy at a random player, inflicting 48750 to 51250 Shadow damage on the target. The Unstable Bolt also damages the Unstable Sha for 10% of its maximum health.

Instability: If an Unstable Sha reaches Tsulong, it inflicts 975000 to 1025000 Shadow damage on Tsulong and disappears.

Sun Breath: Tsulong unleashes the power of the sun in front of him doing 3900000 to 4100000 Nature damage to Sha within 0 yards and stunning them for 8 sec.

Bathed in Light: The warmth of the Sun instantly restores 25% of a player’s total mana and increases their healing done by 500% for 6 sec.

The Light of Day: The Light of Day appears at a random location. Interacting with The Light of Day restores mana every 1 sec. and increases healing done by 1500% for 6 sec. The amount of mana restored increases while the healing done decreases over the duration of the effect.

Lei Shi

Afraid: She gains 1% casting speed for each 1 percent health of her total health lost.

Spray: She causes water to burst from the ground at a player’s feet, doing 104000-218400 Frost damage to all players within 2.5 yards and increasing their Frost damage taken by 10% for 15 sec.

Hide: She hides from players, during which only area of effect attacks and spells can still hit her. Lei Shi reveals herself after the players strike her enough times.

Get Away!: She pushes players away doing 60000 periodic Frost damage. Players who fight the current take half damage. Lei Shi channels for 30 sec or until players inflict 5% of her maximum health in damage.

Protect: Lei surrounds herself with an impenetrable bubble and summons elemental protectors. The bubble remains until one of the protectors is dead.

Scary Fog: Sha energy coalesces around several players, inflicting 5000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 40 sec. In addition, players and enemies near an afflicted player take 5% more damage from all sources. This effect stacks.