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Capcom Hinting at a New Monster Hunter Game Announcement

Rejoice, Monster Hunter fans, as it seems a new Monster Hunter game announcement is imminent!

While no official statement was released by Capcom; their new Community Specialist Yuri Araujo posted his first message on Capcom’s official blog and let out this little tidbit.

I actually joined as a user specifically to inquire (read: complain) about the situation regarding Monster Hunter 2 (dos) Western release back in 2005/06 – so I know exactlyhow it feels to be lacking a new MH game for a while… patience is a virtue, right? Eventually it pays off somehow… we’ll have something veeeeery soon 😉

I’m guessing this “very soon” comment will take place at either Gamescom or TGS, no?

It’s certainly been awhile since the West has seen a Monster Hunter release, no? Of course, the franchise is nowhere as big in the US as it is in Japan, so that might play a heavy factor in that, too.