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Arma 2 Gets Patch 1.62 – What It Fixes

You’re in for a treat if you like playing DayZ, because the developers of Arma 2 have just released a patch tailored for the mod.

The 1.62 patch contains a lot of fixes for multiplayer, which should improve the stability of the large-scale battles and decreases the likelihood of a crash during a zombie hunt.

It benefits players and content makers alike, adding new graphics options such as post-processing anti-aliasing and script commands. You’ll be pleased to know that the AI has been improved as well.

You can read the entire change log in the README file in the download, but remember that there’s no way to rollback to the previous version so you might want to back up the game before you patch.

It’s pretty cool to see developer Bohemia Interactive tip their hat to the creators of DayZ like this, especially since the mod is responsible for such a massive boom in sales of Arma 2: Combined Operations.