Sony Schedules PSN Downtime

Sony has announced a worldwide PlayStation Network maintenance happening tomorrow and it will last the whole day up to Friday.

During this time, the PSN Store on PS3, PSP and PS Vita won’t be accessible. Same with PSN Account Registration and Management Settings.

However, there is a chance your actual online multiplayer gaming won’t be affected. Just sign in before the start of the maintenance window which is on June 26 at 4p.m. UK time and will last until 8 a. m. Friday.

Of course, if you cant’ go online, just play offline as you will still be able to collect Trophies and it will be updated once the PSN is back in full force.

Also, here’s a handy tip, set your download queue on now so that if the PSN Store drops, you’ll still be able to download the items on your queue. Yep, as long as they’re already in your queue and you have an internet connection, those items should download fine.

Source: Eurogamer