New Horizons Update Adds Range Of New Content To Allods Online

The newest content patch for Allods Online is set to add all kinds of things to the fantasy MMO; Smugglers, Mercenaries and a Build-Your-Own-Allod table feature.

Read what’s coming in this new update in the text below. If you couldn’t be bothered to watch it, allow me to break it down for you:

NPC Mercenaries will be added to the game, and if you can cross their hand with gold then they’ll follow you. Now, instead of being like a pet in any other game, these Mercs can fill in empty party slots for you, meaning you can form your raiding groups without having to bother finding people.

Especially useful on quiet servers! There’s five in total and each of them can serve a different role. You can purchase a Protector (tank), a Fighter (melee DPS), a Shooter (Ranged DPS), a Warlock (Healer) or a Witch (Debuff/Support).

There’s also the Smugglers. They’ll get you places that you need to get to, such as say the 4th layer of astral space. Now you can access an all new area in which to conquer Allods.

Oh, and now you can build your own Allod. Don’t know what an Allod is? Well, it’s a giant chunk of land that flies through astral space. Looters, pirates and adventurers galore seek to conquer them for the wealth they offer and create space-faring galleons for this matter. Now you can build your own to plan your journeys through the astral planes from.

Here is the video highlighting this update:

Allods Online is free to play, and there’s never been a better time to get into the game than now!