MechWarrior Online: Centurion & Caustic Valley Videos Released

Piranha Games has released two videos featuring a couple of new content heading to their online game, MechWarrior Online.

First highlight is of the Centurion, a well balanced humanoid mech that ranges in the medium class category. It has a maximum speed of 64 kilometers an hour, good armor for protection and great options in the weapons department.

The CN9-AL removes the AC/10 and adds a Large Laser and a Small Laser, six heat sinks and an additional 2.5 tons of armour. This variant is ammo independent and is great for brawling or quick skirmishes. With 11 tons of armour it can take a huge beating, and the mix of lasers allows damage to be done at all ranges.

Second highlight of the announcement is of a new area called the Caustic Valley. This area is filled with acidic haze and caustic heat, resulting in high temperatures on ground. Mechs battling it out on these grounds will have to keep a sharp eye out for the increase in temperature, else their mechs will over heat and fry.

Highlight #1

Highlight #2