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Insomniac Games Launch Outernauts On Facebook

Insomniac Games has launched their first social game on Facebook called Outernauts.

Outernauts is a role playing game where the player must train monstrous beings for upcoming battles. In turn you gather your army and then go ahead to explore other planets, loot and plunder them.

The developers behind smash hits like Resistance and Ratcher & Clank believe that this game will appeal to a lot of people.

Insomniac boss Tedd Price said:

Outernauts is Insomniac’s newest game universe. We believe it will appeal to both our long time Insomniac fans and new consumers on Facebook.

By bringing the breadth and elements of console gaming to a social game, we hope to give our fans-both old and new-a unique gaming experience on Facebook.

So, who is going to try it?