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EA: We’re Very Respectful of Pro Evolution Soccer

If you’re wondering what EA has to say to its one-time unbeatable rival in the soccer genre — Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer — you might be surprised that it’s not your usual trash talk. Rather, the FIFA publisher is very respectful in its comments against its competitor.

FIFA 13 Producer Nick Channon had this to say regarding the matter.

We’re not going to stand here and say anything. We’re very respectful of PES and we understand we have a very strong competitor. We know they want to make a better game every year and ultimately that drives us forward.

The back-slapping doesn’t stop there. Even EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson had the same sentiment.

I had the great fortune of leading the [FIFA] team as we went head-to-head with Konami. I had the greatest amount of respect for them then; I thought they built a tremendous game. I continue to have the greatest amount of respect for them today.

Not bad on EA’s part, no? I’m guessing this way of thinking of them eventually beating the top dog is what drives them in their quest to unseat Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

Hey, if they did it with FIFA, what’s to say it won’t happen again, eh?

Source: Eurogamer