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Diablo 3: Barbarian God-Mode Exploit Is Next

Diablo 3 players are having a ball at the moment. Just yesterday a bug was reported which allowed Wizards to be completely invulnerable. It took Blizzard a whole day to fix that exploit and it’s most probably going to take them another day to fix this new one as well.

Today another similar exploit was found for the Barbarian class. Instead of making him invulnerable, it allows him to get 8 percent of his HP back with every hit. This bug only ends when the Barbarian either dies or uses Furious Charge.

Players have even gone ahead to live stream their games showing them taking some of the most hardest content of the game.

The steps to being almost invulnerable with the Barbarian class was posted on Blizzard’s official forums. However, they were taken down soon after by the admins. You can even see some users posting similar exploits for the Monk class as well.

As of yet Blizzard has not fixed the bug and players are still going on a rampage. This in turn could have a very bad impact on the economy of the game. Players getting most of the best gear in the game using this exploit can simply throw it all for ridiculous prices in the Auction House for real life prices.