Defiance TV Show Goes Into Production Today

The televised half of Trion Worlds and Syfy’s collaborative MMO/TV Show hybrid has officially begun production today.

Toronto, Ontario is playing host to Defiance, the futuristic and apocolyptic game of the same name being released as part of this project. The story will pick up right at the end of the war that split up humanity as it has, following the immigration of several alien races to Earth which created tension across the planet.

Now, whilst neither the show or the game are set to launch until April next year, they’re already trying out some interesting things with it. To start with, the game is kicking things off in San Francisco where players will get to meet Nolan and Arissa who will serve as the main characters of the show. The show will have those characters travel to St.

Louis, Missouri where the series will take place in the boom-town of Defiance. In the meanwhile, the game story continues on in the Bay Area. The show and game will both manage to influence each other in a variety of interesting ways.

Source: Joystiq