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War-Z – A DayZ Inspired Persistent Zombie Survival Game

War Z
Two of the minds behind the upcoming zombie MMO ‘War-Z’ were available for an interview recently and offered some important information about the game.

The interview was held with developer Hammerpoint Interactive’s Senior Game Designer Eric Nordin and publisher Arktos Entertainment’s Executive Producer Sergey Titov.

War-Z is a zombie survival first/third-person shooter with RPG elements set five years after the zombie apocalypse. The main goal in the game is to survive, and to do that you need to collect resources.

Most importantly, you need to collect zombie vaccinations, which were discovered about a year ago when special types of mutated zombies were found to have stem cells that could prevent you from turning once bitten. The game revolves around hunting these mutated strains.

The majority of the zombies are the slow, stupid types; meaning that they move a bit slower than you and cannot open doors or climb ladders or walls. So if you find yourself in a tight spot always remember that running IS an option.

Survivors will be able to band together in clans and alliances in order to survive. You can also send server wide messages in case of an emergency:

“for example if you are low on health or your blood is contaminated with the zombie virus and you need immediate assistance – you can post this as a message available to all players on a server or just around your immediate area, and you can promise them a specific reward for helping you.”

This can be a double-edged sword though, as your ‘helper’ can just as easily put a bullet in your skull and steal your valuables. Conversely, though, the person calling for help might be laying a trap for the potential looter.

The game will also feature a ‘note leaving’ system. It is not clear how exactly this will work, but players will be able to leave notes for other players to read.

They can be used to warn players of a danger ahead, or lure them into a trap and then loot their equipment. Eric Nordin revealed that “After all – other humans are much more dangerous than zombies in the world of War Z.”

There are also some RPG elements. When you gain enough experience, you can level up your character, giving him more stamina or improving his medical skills so you get more health restored from a med kit.

The game features two modes of play, Normal, and Hardcore. In Normal mode, you do not lose your character after death, the experience, gold and items simply get ‘locked out’ for a while.

In Hardcore mode however, death has real meaning; your survivor has at this point stopped being one, and you essentially have to roll a new one.

The War-Z will be a onetime purchase of about $30 and will feature micro transactions, but the game will not be a ‘pay-to-win’’ type.

“Players will be able to make certain micro-transaction purchases in the game, but they will not be for improved weaponry or anything that will give you an unfair power advantage. Instead, players will be able to purchase things that will help save time, such as reviving their character in normal mode, buying slightly more effective food, hydration packs, med kits, etc.”

The game beta will be coming out some time later this summer for selected players who sign up on the War-Z website and customers who pre-order the game.

Source. IGN