SWTOR Lost Island Flashpoint ‘Hard Mode’ Guide

The events of the Lost Island are placed after the Kaon Under Siege. The survivors of the planet are rescued and the person responsible for the outbreak is also known – the scientist is now hiding in a planet known as Ord Mantell and is performing his dirty experiments there. Imperial and Repbulic – both sides have sent a strike force against him, but one is for helping the world and the others want him for themselves.

In this guide, we’ll go over the bosses and tough enemies you will face, and how to defeat them on higher difficulty levels.

Trash MoBs

The trash MoB’s are pretty hectic if the group goes in without any preparation. You have to be careful of the groups who have medics and astromech droids with them. Always aim for the medics as they can heal their team and even the DPS players very quickly. The droids should be a priority as well because their attacks will knock out your allies and make them pretty useless unless you take care at the right time.

Putrid Shaclaw

This is not a tough fight, although the Putrid Shaclaw is a mini-boss. Just avoid the reticules on the ground and keep on attacking from time-to-time.

LR-5 Sentinel Droid

The LR-5 is one of the toughest bosses of Flashpoint. He is the biggest challenge you will face here – one of his attacks can kill you instantly and you must be very careful!

Abilities/Attacks and Surroundings Helping the Boss: Incinerate, Plasma Arc, Experimental Cannon, Energy Coil, Adds, Ground Lava

Ground Lava: The hardmode version has lava on the floor and it will come out of the grates periodically. You will have to run to a safe spot/far away from the grates whenever you see them to glow.

Incinerate: it is the best weapon of the LR-5, it will aim it onto the most threat/ability-wise player so he will have to be very careful. Other players will have to stay away from him because this attack is a 3 second channeled cast that also does AOE damage to everybody who comes in the AOE. For every second you are in the channel, you will lose around 1500 health per stack/second.

Experimental Cannon: This one cannot be interrupted; it is channeled for 6 seconds and will do a damage of 600 every time it hits you after half of a second. Healers should be able to help you here!

Plasma Arc: You can interrupt this too but be sure that the priority is Incinerate as it’s more powerful. This is aimed onto the person who has the most agro.

Energy Coil: This is an energy coil which will do a damage of 800 per second whenever you’re caught inside its beam. It is aimed on a certain player but it has AOE, there will be a reticule beneath the player who is aimed and he can move to safety before the damage is done.

Transgenic Sample Seven

The second boss is not too difficult; he has three main abilities and only one can be interrupted. He will also physically knock the top-scoring players which causes a lot of damage. Just make sure the tank is picking up agro, and stay away from the heavy-damaging attacks.

Project Sav Rak

Another difficult one, but not as much as the LR-5.

Abilities/Attacks and Surroundings Helping the Boss: Acid Split & Splash

Sav-Rak Smash: This might be a little confusing but whenever you know the broadcast of the next smash, all players should move closer to the boss because if you are too far away then you might end up falling down.

Acid Spit: Sav Rak will now start to climb the pillars and spit acid on you, this acid is not interruptible and your healers will have to do their job. The targets are chosen randomly; the only way to get out of this situation is to activate the each pillar’s console one by one.

Transgenic Sample Eleven (Bonus Boss)

You will only get access to this boss if you have listened to all of the holo recordings. Apart from the icicles falling from the ceilings the fight is very simple. These fall right at your head so make sure you keep on moving and avoid the icicles that might give you a freezing debuff.

Doctor Lorrick

This is the final boss and the reason why you are on this island. The fight against the scientist has two phases: one is when he in the human form and the other is when he’ll transform into a hulking rakghoul.

Abilities/Attacks and Surroundings Helping the Boss: Human Form, Satchel Charge, Poison Clouds, Kolto Tanks, Burning Rakghouls,

Human Form: During the Human Form your main goal should be to survive instead of causing massive damage to him. He’ll transform into the other form once you’ve taken 90% of its health. The main attacks/abilities he’ll use against you are:

Poison Clouds: A reticule will appear beneath the targeted player and a large poisonous puddle will start to cause damage to anybody beneath them. He might initiate two clouds consecutively so all of you must be careful.

Satchel Charge: He will initiate this one as “I have a few tricks in my sleeve”. This is the time when the tank should drive away the enemy; all the other players should make sure that they have a distance of 10 meters from the scientist because if you are not then he will apply a satchel charge which has a damage of around 5k. The healers should make sure that they are helping their savior (tank)!

Kolto Tanks: After the satchel charge phase, Lorrick will jump on to a kolto tank. You should attack the kolto tank as much as possible because when the MoB inside comes out, the health of that MoB will be equal to the one left of the Kolto Tank. There will be a total of 6 tanks which you will have to take care of!

Burning Rakghouls: Lorrick will abandon all the abilities and start summoning two flaming Rakghouls at once. You should focus on damaging Lorrick here and push him to transform into the other form as the Rakghouls are pretty slow and you can avoid them easily. Consuming your time and resources on them would be a bad idea.

Rakghoul (2nd Phase)

The scientist will transform into a very strong Rakghoul once you’ve eaten 90% of its HP. He’ll be very strong here and will have a knockback ability, a debuff known as Corrosive Smash.

The debuff will do initial damage and DoT. You will have to be really quick fighting the Rakghoul form. Take cover next to the door so you’re aware of the knockbacks and the healer should be able to help you all.